Story (Random Fandom) Victorious1

9:48 PM, Tori’s house

„(SONG) Girl , I don’t know how to tell ya , around yo I feel”

„Beem Beeem(LAUGHS A BIT) ” shouted Tori smiling

„Nah” said Andre , he look all fucked up , so Tori avoid to ask why , she’s isn’t that powerfull so she asks

„Another late fight with Grandma?”

„Yours or mine?”

„Mine’s dead , yours?” said Tori smiling

„Mine’s still alive , but she’s gonna kill me”


„Oh indeed ” he said

„Go to sleep” said Tori

„The fuck?No , I need to finish the song , than the project that s due tommorow and the 3 pages math homework” said Andre

„You forgo…” TRIED  TO SAY Tori

„And let’s not forget the 10 page science homework”

„Let’s turn on the lights shll we?” turns on fast


Tori fast torns off the lights

„Nigga my eys are all fucked up”

„Sorry 😦 ”

Here comes the intro bitchies , bye



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