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(Fact , if I would live ONE day of Dan Scheinder’s life , I would create a horrible Casablamce shit , so just  making some things you would like  , it’s like a late night texts things but with no weird ways)

„Hi Carly have you seen Sam?” said Freddie

„No , have you?K.I.S.S.E.D. her?” said Carly in a very funny-sarcastic way


„Yes you did I saw you!” said Carly like a shouted thingy

„Carly , wuuhh well , she doesen’t know it’s like a dream to her , the biggy problem is”

„That she can’t even admit it to herself…” completed Carly


„Well you must do something!”



„..This is  hard because”

„She’ll beat you up like a”

„That part with ”

„The knife and the watermelon ”

„…Shit” said Freddie when he saw Sam , opening the door

„What are you two guys talking about?!” I think she got it  , Ok I’ll think of a way to keep Sam’s old personality , but I can do drama !



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