Just chillin’

Listening to my music , nothing going  , exect that today I had an water-ballon fight with my neighbors’s kids , I lose the argue-fight with my cousin (a random bitch) , and just made my friend Dee (Diana) get ALL wet , and  then when we started feeling sleepy and listed to Judas – Lady Gaga than she started talking about some music videos than had a saying or something about the devil or something ( They said it’s boring , but I find quite intresting , I’m gonna google it) . A good day allways has something bad in the middle , really the middle (EX last written text : „I lose the argue-fight with my cousin ( a random bitch” )  so yeah I’m fuckin good , even tho I think that this shit with with devil and another  shit is gonna have a little trouble with my mind , tumblin’ so I can get rid of these toughts 🙂

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