It all starts with a Jea and continues with lousy

I think I’m lost , who I am?I took me alot to understand my crying starts to actually have a reason , ignoring it’s like them medicine part whenI took too much pils and end up in the hospital and it hurts so bad he/she dosen’t give a fuck it’s just tho beginning .People who tought you’d love , turn out to be some mindless bitchies who don’t even care you are in a coma or worse  this is the part of the story when you feel like killing yourself , look back in the moments you smiled and realize  there is so much happines in that person , where did she go? Is he near , yeah I know the feeling , he’s there enjoying the time she/he has sleeped with the half of the boys/girls in the country or maybe town , no love story , just to fill you up , that’s what I call human being

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