Seddie |poems|talks| ; NEW iCARLY RANDOM FANDOM3

Wow ! I never tought I’d do this  story so far , I think I’m gonna delete it after at least 24 chapters , hope ya like it , avoiding playing sims 3 : )I’ll put some quatations from „iLost My Mind” promo


At Sam’s house :

„Can we talk about the kiss” said Freddie there


„Nevermind” said Freddie fast so he can avoid

„No , no , no , what?”

„If we could talk about the kiss?”

„I’m about to kick you so hard even your theet will bleed!”

„Ok…I knew that was the reaction”


„Meaning?Puuf , there alot” said Freddie

„I’m not the same , it’s like a thing that happend to me again and , your like the first time I wasan’t afraid but now , well I don’t see the meaning of kissing again …” said Sam dramatic


„I’M TIRED OF HIDING ! I’m the love of your life masquerading as your bully” as Sam sais with hate in her voice , but not just hate , she doesen’t  hate him he hates the way he told him

„Your more than that” whispered Freddie

„What is it?” said Sam

„It must have been love ,the kiss”

„Would you kiss me”

„Ok…” they kiss

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