Seddie |poems|talks| ; NEW iCARLY RANDOM FANDOM4

“Carls!” shouted Freddie entering the room like a crazy clown

“What’s up Freddie?” said Carly smiling


“Oh my fucking gosh , you like her?!”

“Ain’t no newflash”

“You LIKED her before”

“Before the kiss , but she’s mad now , I can’t do it”

“I will be okay , it allways ends up okay” she kisses Freddie on the lips

“What the..” starts Freddie.

Sam was just standing there with a tear rolling on her check , maybe it wasan’t just an act , maybe she was ready

“Sam, Sam…SAM!” shouted Freddie

Sam came home , while crying like hell, she took the pen and started writing :

“It may not be the best dicision but I need to let go , my shit ‘s a mess , I’m rolling in the deep, it’s all my foult but i’ll pretend it’s yours , it’s quite comic that five years wasan’t enough for me but it was enough for Carly , I may get this bad I may not knw but you can’t blame a broken heart , so it ends , so i’ll let go…”

*WATCH THE GIFS , sorry they are with Demi Lovato , I could’ nt find better gifs that describe Sam’s situation












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