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Sunrise Avenue – Hollywood Hills 1 the ball/prom  2 Nina ‘s room

BTW try the songs while reading  the capter , it will change it all , like I imagined it in my head


Fabian finished kissing Nina ,Nina looked at him and winked flirty , Fabian was like

wtf and Nina laughed a little and said

„I’m just kidding, Fab” laughs Nina and kisses him again . Fabian was a sweet-pie looking like a adorable porcelain doll while he was half smiling and grabed her waist and danced with her and spined her than they just ended up kissing/makeing up on the stage , the whole school aplaused , while Victor looked in the corner of his eye

„WHOOOO :* :* ” Aplaused the whole school , after a few houres . Fabian was caring Nina to her bed and waited for her to wake  up , than he just fell asleep there


Nina woke up seeing Amber staring at them she said nothing and continued looking like she’s sleeping , Fabian woke up and jumped like crazy , trying to get out of the room , Amber blocked his way

„Did Jerome stole your key again” asked Mara

„Mmm , no?It’s right here” answerd Fabian

„Did you kissed after the prom?” said Mara

„wtf, mara ?!No!Why do you have to be so stupid sometimes , it’s idiotic!!!” said Fabian , Nina woke up

Fabian blushed and he left , Jerome and Alfie were listening and laughed „gosh , that’s quality ”

„That fucking idiot ” said Jerome

„What are you  gonna do?” asked Alfie

„You’ll see…”



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