Jerome heard Fabian yelling at Mara and he got all mad just like that


Nina talked an hour with Mara and then  surprisingly Jade comes in like a thunder and ans said

„Joy texted me !” yelled Jade

„What? that’s great news !” said Nina

Mara looked at them and walked out of the room

„Wow socially active” said Amber who was listening it all

„What Amber?” said Jade

„She called?” asked Amber smiling


„JUST like I said , socially active” said Amber loud

„Oh , will she visit?” asked Nina ,Jade smiled

„I don’t know yet” said optimistic Jade , she said just „hiiii Jid :**” with kissing emoticons

Amber looked down and she was like „wait what if?”

„Look Amber , this is serious chizz that you can’t understand , you could just go”

„Ok , but don’t tell I didnt told you so” said Amber while doing a hair flip and walking out of the room

„That was quality , explain..” said Nina to Jade

„I can’t explain more than this” said Jade

„Well reply allready , bitch!”

„Let’s make a video chat on the phone” said Jade

„or we could conversate in group , do you have that group massege enabled on you phone ?”

„Yes turn it on”

| KindeJoy : hi sweeties how are you all :*


Jid92 : I am quite worried about you , you are in a quite mistery


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