Journalistic Skills : Shut up and be jealous of Romania!

A british man came in Romania , and fell in love with the country , he was a rich man and he had a girlfriend in Romania . She moved in England while he stayed in Romania . He sayid that we have a good place there and our country is a healthy beutifull place , you have everything there , but we just keep complaining bout’ the fact that we are not economic .

                 We have a beutifull country , little  ,not rich but a good little place just for  us


Those Summer Days , Introducing A WHOLE new character

This bitch is quite off limit , oh wait NO LIMIT  , a stupid idiot with a stupid voice enters , her names Rebecca

Idiot knows that she can buy friendship , so she steals money from her parents and then buyes her friends stupid worthless shitand then simply takes them away from you  we call her :Regina Fitelor / RF : (The Queen Of Nothing) . Personally I hate her and hope she dies in hot hell . Siply avoid her and DO NOT SEE HER and greet her and become friends and etc… Idiots are idiots , she stole Dee from us and made me fight with her. I cried because I asked what does she likes aout her and then shes like ” She likes me because I dont insult her everyday!!” I DONT INSULT DEE , NEVER. This bitch wants to be punched and she doesent know how  , I am totally looking forward going to her gramdma and telling her a cute colored vocabular she has ~x(

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I’m tired of the fact that i’m stealing her

My friend Dee is Yoyo’s bestfreind and the fact that I’m spending alot of my time with her annoys Yoyo , and I feel weird coue I dinnt knew 😦 . I’m srry for Yoyo , I’m the person who was allways complaining about how she lost her friends and now I am the person who takes the friend away . I feel bad , I feel .. guilty , I have only one close  friend (Dee) and the friend Yoyo . I am very stupid for doing this to Yoyo , I guess I need just a pause from all this sh!t i hate myself I steal friends I’m a stupid person

Jurnalistic Skills : Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus makes so much scandals she allways is in my Magazines like POPCORN (TM) Bravo Girls etc…. that she wore that , she kissed that she is doing that and shes a twat , shes too skinny , shes to fat , she reacts wild at paparazzy , shes ignoring her fans etc..It’s simply annoying me , her and her threatment it’s all getting too emotional , sshes young beutifull and the most IRONIC thing is that she said „I would never smoke , its like smashing my guitar and exepct for it to play , I would never do that to my voice , not to mention my body” I made a big sick lol and kept , doing my shit , but realizing it’s not my buissness it’s not gonna help her dad is a man-whore .Tehnicly I know everybody makes mistakes but I simply HATE smoking or seeing someone I used to like smoking or simply the smell of it .Salvia , okay maybe shes was just drunk but doing it again make me puke , the fact that she dresses like a whore NOT bothering me or that she drinks allchohol NOT bothered to care but smoking is stupid and not healthy so I say to Miley 

„Have fun dying early!” 


„I would never smoke , its like smashing my guitar and exepct for it to play , I would never do that to my voice , not to mention my body”  

  – Miles To Go , Miley AUTO BIOGRAPHY


I’m just annoyed by the new generation of kids

It’s better to be born in 2000 , join tumblr and be awkward than be like other kids of my age but that

has negative and socially awkward effects

When I win i’m like :

I get angry like :

And I agree like :

I get exited like :

My artist make a new album I’m like :

Silmply I’m just weird

And I’m fucking proud

iCarly RFF (RandomFandomFinaly)PART1

Sam spproached to Freddie while Freddie was on Sam ‘s computer {on Sam’s bed}

„What do you do there , nerddie?” asked Sam

„Downloading WebcamMax(c)” answered Freddie looking in Sam ‘s eyes

„want nutella?”

„Sure..Do you th..Oh my God , breathe !” said Freddie watching Sam eating the bread like she never seen food

„I love food” completed Sam while half of food was still inside her mouth .

Freddie put the laptop down and slowly approached to Sam

„Slow it down , Big Buddy!Wat are you oing there a twilight slow motion?” said Sam

‘Mno?” Freddie moved away because Sam pushed him

„Whatever…” said Sam and kissed Freddie on the lips , than tough a kiss they started making out

Those Summer Days , 2st story

Today my friends (from little simple irony) went to the store .Those candyes are bomb =)). Erick (remeber him?) went to the store to buy Toffix (candyes), when he came back we were actually going there wondering wy it takes so long , Erick (idiot likes to smash in other people ) comes like a lightning into my friend Yoyo and they like fall togheter and off the bikes and in the middle of the fcking street =))  we were like all laughing out ass off LMFAO then she calmy insulted Erick…Ofofof these summer days 😡

Little Simple Irony, those Summer Days 1st story

Hi , mm yeah I tought I shall make a new post , this post is in colaboration with Yoyo Osaki, about today


So here’s the story , all my friends Dee , YoyoOsaki , with other neighboors Serbann , Erick ,YyLan [some weird neighboors , friend’s friends] stoped at the Grocery Store on the other street , they found a sticky cockroach or something in my friends ass Dee =)) she slaped him and he started punching him , Dee started crying and slaped Erick [assholes , i love them =)) ] while Yoyo was just sitting there laughing , and then Dee stoped and ran in  yard  , when Erick calmed the fuck down .Yoyo Osaki , the central nerve there yelled to Dee to run in my yard , while hers was centemeters away 😐 . The sweet irony was that I was SICK INSIDE MY HOUSE , while Yoyo explained all this

Credits to Yoyo Osaki & :*Iary Smith:*