Little Simple Irony, those Summer Days 1st story

Hi , mm yeah I tought I shall make a new post , this post is in colaboration with Yoyo Osaki, about today


So here’s the story , all my friends Dee , YoyoOsaki , with other neighboors Serbann , Erick ,YyLan [some weird neighboors , friend’s friends] stoped at the Grocery Store on the other street , they found a sticky cockroach or something in my friends ass Dee =)) she slaped him and he started punching him , Dee started crying and slaped Erick [assholes , i love them =)) ] while Yoyo was just sitting there laughing , and then Dee stoped and ran in  yard  , when Erick calmed the fuck down .Yoyo Osaki , the central nerve there yelled to Dee to run in my yard , while hers was centemeters away 😐 . The sweet irony was that I was SICK INSIDE MY HOUSE , while Yoyo explained all this

Credits to Yoyo Osaki & :*Iary Smith:*


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