iCarly RFF (RandomFandomFinaly)PART1

Sam spproached to Freddie while Freddie was on Sam ‘s computer {on Sam’s bed}

„What do you do there , nerddie?” asked Sam

„Downloading WebcamMax(c)” answered Freddie looking in Sam ‘s eyes

„want nutella?”

„Sure..Do you th..Oh my God , breathe !” said Freddie watching Sam eating the bread like she never seen food

„I love food” completed Sam while half of food was still inside her mouth .

Freddie put the laptop down and slowly approached to Sam

„Slow it down , Big Buddy!Wat are you oing there a twilight slow motion?” said Sam

‘Mno?” Freddie moved away because Sam pushed him

„Whatever…” said Sam and kissed Freddie on the lips , than tough a kiss they started making out


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