Those Summer Days , Introducing A WHOLE new character

This bitch is quite off limit , oh wait NO LIMIT  , a stupid idiot with a stupid voice enters , her names Rebecca

Idiot knows that she can buy friendship , so she steals money from her parents and then buyes her friends stupid worthless shitand then simply takes them away from you  we call her :Regina Fitelor / RF : (The Queen Of Nothing) . Personally I hate her and hope she dies in hot hell . Siply avoid her and DO NOT SEE HER and greet her and become friends and etc… Idiots are idiots , she stole Dee from us and made me fight with her. I cried because I asked what does she likes aout her and then shes like ” She likes me because I dont insult her everyday!!” I DONT INSULT DEE , NEVER. This bitch wants to be punched and she doesent know how  , I am totally looking forward going to her gramdma and telling her a cute colored vocabular she has ~x(

De boringshit99 Publicat în JOURNAL

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