iCarly RFF (RandomFandomFinaly)PART2

Here it is :*:*:*:* srry for the waiting , I hope you like it :*:*:* Part 3 tommorow , now working on it!

„SAM!!YOUR PACKAGE HAS ARIVED!” yelled Sam’s mom down the stairs

„Coming , Bitch!Stop yelling!” said Sam and got down the stairs

„What is it about?”

„Nah , nothing , school books , need them.” completed Sam , Patty looked suspiciously at her „What?”

„Nothin’?Want help from Melanie to unpack that box?” asked Patty while yelling because Sam was upstairs

„NO!I CAN DO IT MYSELF!” yelled Sam back .

This was it the moment of truth , she wa like shaking and a tear fell down her check „Please God , no , please God , no…”

She followed the instructions and then she saw

Sam screamed  , than she started crying ‘Is this happening?Is this real?’


„Hey Sam” said Freddie and kissed her „How are ya?”

‘If you don’t shut up I’m gonna punch you so bad it hurts” said Sam , angry

„Okay , bye see you in science”

„JET!” yelled Sam at Freddie , jet was a Romanian word for go away or get the fuck off or something

”Hi Carls” greet Freddie

„Hi Freddie , have you seen Sam?”asked Carly „Oh there she is!”

„Not needed , Carls..” said Freddie ,stopping her „She’s as mad as shit today”

„What type of mad?” said Carly to Freddie

„10ay” said Freddie , they  had a label for Sam’s emotions okay5 was good just like the ol’ mad Sam 10kay was mad like she’s upset 10ay was MAD SH!T 20OK WAS danger

„What did you do? ” said Carly

„I dunno…?I know that 3 weeks later I was at her house than at  cousin for 2 weeks

„WHAT, happened 3 weeks ago?” asked Carly

„I was at her house.We drank Coke , I think , and we ate nutella than we kissed and I got home than had a shower and stayed up on the computer till’ 4AM” answered Freddie , Carly made a wtf look

„Is it weird to actually hear you saying you and Sam kissed , I still can see it…” said Carly

„mm yeah me too , but th–” Carly yelled


„What?” said Freddie scared

„You really think you just kissed…?” said Carly

„I don’t know why..?” said Freddie

„Get it yourself she just sit there mute

„What the .. she’s unhappy with my kissing abilities?” said Freddie

„If we weren’t friends I’d punch so hard , she’s pregnant!” whispered Carly

„Ew…she’s pregnant…and it’s my fault…” said Freddie

„No!…It’s not all your fault ..” said Carly

„Yes , it is my fault ,poor Sam , how she’s gonna say that to her mom ?The school , what she’s going to do?!”  said Freddie and get out of the school building

„Freddie!…” said Carly


„Yey Sam!I wanna talk to you” said Carly approaching Sam

„Carls , what’s up?” asked Sam

„..You’re…AH !Come with me” Carly took Sam’s hand and they go to the bathroom

„Anybody here ?HELLO!Yup there’s nobody..Sm..” said Carly and turned to Sam

„What?You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost!Not like that personally , but you are totally lo–”

„You are pregnant” said Carly waiting for the big ‘WHAT?!?!?!’ that what never came out instead there was a

„How do you know?!” asked Sam

„How do YOU know?!” said Carly

„Well,I as feeling pretty bad and I started being paranoid and in a flash BANG it’s good to be paranoid , if I wouldnt I would lay in my bed thinking it’s a stomach ache” said Sam

„I can’t believe it?..” said Carly

„Me neither.But I try to be calm, especially  in front of Freddie, maybe he wont know…” said Sam , Carly looked like shes about to laugh a bit , just a bit than she explodes

„What?!!How did that worked for ya!!Haha , TROLL!!” said Carly laughing so hard she hold her stomach and fell down of laughter

„What?!” said Sam


„I’m a bully NOT a troll, and if you don’t get up I’m gonna make you” sh waited and finally made her  get up „Said something Shay!” Carly was like a stone now afraid „Well I kinda told Freddie”

„I aint even mad…” said Sam

„But I was like haha and said stuff and you were like errr and and and, what?!” Said Carly

„Myeah , I don’t give a sparkling shit, as long a I dont confess it it’s good….”


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