iCarly RFF Part 3

Sam woke up and got to the bathroom

„Sis , you lose weight..” said Melanie walking inside

„I’m not hungry ” replied Sam looking at the floor ,

„I’m worried, you should visit a doctor” said Melanie

„You know something Melanie , you dinnt cared  you were gone  now you’re interested , what?Am I an experiment?!” said Sam annoyied , Melanie backed

„I’m sorry..” said Melanie

„Get.the fuck .out.Heard , go ..” said Sam  Melanie backed off , she knew she needed to let her go  but exactl when people say that they dont need you hlp , that exactly when they need it

3 months later

Sam was in the 5th month of pregnancy, she was on her bed wathcing tv , she took her top off , she seen that now she just skin and bones left (Not really , just very skinny for the 5th month of pregnancy) , she socked than she just calmed down

„You should visit a doctor” said Carly entering her room

„Myeah, I should , but it’s the same ‘ another teen pregnancy’ lol” said Sam crying

„You should eat ” said Carly

„Yeah but it’s just idiot” said Sam „I’ll go dress” said Sam

„What are you doing?” said Carly

„I’ll go to the doctor, then we ar going to go to a restaurant” said Sam while wearing a fake smile

„Yes , so are you now good” said Carly „..Finally…”

„I’ll eat , take a bath and you’re upset if I ask you to sleep over at me..?” said Sam

„Haha  not at all”

At the doctor

„Samantha, your baby is…just…quite in no chances…” said the doctor , Sam was socked

„But things can change, just pray , dont forget that” said the doctor sketching a smile , Sam was like „Can I say something to you Samantha?’

„Yup” said Sam

„You are not a slut for doing this , it was an accident , you seem like someone worth praying for ., God will do everything just to see you laugh  you seem perfect”

„Thanks” said Sam

„But first if you want this fucking bitch to be alive , fucking eat healthy , than you can put him/her up to adoption,okay?”

„Okay…” said Sam , then she got out the door smiled and called Carly

„Het Carls , lets go fucking eat , my little bitch is starving” said Sam , finally things got formed the way she wanted

9th Month : August 23 , 00:24 minutes

Sam was inside the hospital , she was as scared as fuck , she was pushing and then

13:59 PM :

Sam woke up . the doctor slowly came to her while his tears where rolling

„They have a heart disease” said the doctor , Sam had a heartache , but she smiled

„Gve them the threatment they neeed and they will be allright” said the doctor

„Wait!What’s your name?”

„Russel James Kennedy” said the doctor

„Be my friend..?” said Sam smiling at the doctor

„I allways kinda was” said the doctor and Sam jumped and hugges him

Two year later :

Freddie was back from the college, walking towards Sam and kissed her Sam did a death glare at him

„What’s they’re name?”said Freddie smiling

„This is Russel and this is James”

„Hi James  so cute”

„James…Kennedy” said Sam

„What?!” said Freddie”What is this , Sam !You are with me!”

„You werent here when it all happend you were just hardly attending at the production!” said Sam and leaved nervously


At her house:

„Hi babe..How was today?” said Russel {the doctor}

„Good , I bumped into Freddie”

„Ouch” said Russel with a smile

„Yeah , I’ll go to the bathroom”

A year later :

„The dotor , Russel James Kennedy dissapeared while her wife was inside the house:”

Sam was crying no mor save anymore , she let the years to go with the wind

5 Years later :

„The funeral will start in a about 24 hours , get it all ready miss Kennedy”

„I’ll do…” said Samantha and leved , she invited everyone but there was something missing the list she said „Myeah …Russel , James Kennedy”


He came inside the house and seen on the paper

„Kennedy brothers come togheter” Freddie was like

„I’ll go  what will it change…?”

At the funeral :

„Let God bless this souls , good souls , beutifull hardworking souls , I’m am here because of Russel FreedWard Kennedy and James Benny Kennedy . God hear out prayer and gave him a second change but one that unfortunatly dinnt last long eough for them to discover the worlds beuty Some people said that they are stupid , handicapats that they always needed to get everyone’s atention and go to the nurse evey month but they smiled , huged and lived long , they are smiling from heaven”
„Are you allright,…” said Freddie
„No one can feel my hidden pain” said Sam wipping off the tear

„Maybe I can …” said Freddie and kissed Sam

They got married and Sam grew a healthy girl named Renessme will it change …?


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