I just got my headphones for the t.i.c. hour ,and just listen to my music while writing this to you…

So today I’ll paint in school with my drawing teacher till 4PM  and now it’s….. 9AM  😐 SO YEAH but i’ll have sports and geography etc etc …. boring days , I think  tuesday is my favorite day ever and I love this day because I have tic and drawing and english and romanian and NO MATH  luckly I am in a very good mood just for you bitchies who send stupid hate messages to me fuck you … Oh and yeah that quite all . I’m scared to check my tumblr because I might see porn on my dash :|:|:| but what?! Why do I follow porn blogs and skinny girl blogs? 😐 fuck that shit remember not to read that line cause Its embarising for me … so yeah . THE SONG OF THE DAY

Viva la gloria Green Day

Oh yeah I totally forgot to announce the rost fof the clues is this

All my life I was called fat and stupid and etcetcetc but now I fell good , thats just memories that have no sense in my mind and make my mind cry like a baby . Math is the another reason I was embarest I am VERY BAD at math I think I cant past the exams for the next school year and I’m affraid of all that 😐 .

So yeah I am a good person .. I think , but I’m shy  , VERY shy . Now I dont give a single shit about this


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