Lonelyness and depression

That how I felt this month I dinnt blogged , I am very sorry I forgot I was stuDYING for my finals and I was exhausted and everyday at 6:50 AM I’ m awake doing my sandwich and going to school at 7:30 and make it to school7:58-8:01 , I come home hungry and sleepy with tons of homework and studying to  do I stay on the computer like 1-2 hours a day and I go to sleep at 10 PM so I am exahausted , fat and busy .My friend doesen’t care about me anymore , I am a friend of only one girl in my class and the rest of them think I’m weird ,one keeps insulting and thinking i’m stupid so yeah … great . This is my life currently tommorow I have my finals at Romanian and on 28 November I have my maths final so I study my ass off and sleep little and eat alot and I dont do exercise I feel like an sick person.


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