Smith Family

Ok , now everybody should know that my fam name is NOT Smith . I allways wanted to write this down 😀 :


Joanne was in the college yard ,at midnight , she had long blond curly hair and brown eyes .

„Peace and quiet…” and se drinks a little  more , suddenly her phone rings

„Where are you I’ve been waiting for you out here for 40 minutes”

„Jo  , shut it I’m coming”

„Have you brought them?”

„By them meaning , contacting the drug dealer and almost killed him for not giving me the cigaretts?”

„So you dont have the cigaretts?”

„No , but I’ve got an MP3 Player a jacket and Martini Royal stole from my parents”

„Royal?What’s next ? I ask  the perfume The Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas what will you give me? ”

„I’ll give you an orange kitty”

„Puss In Botts?”

„Yeah , baby.”

„And now you just sound like Donkey”

„Whatever I’ll be here in a sec.” ||||

„Buenos Noches! ”

„You scared the shit out of me ? Who are you?”

„Mi nombre es l’Andre”





„Ah Andrew , you know you have a shitty accent.Is that portugheeze you were talking?”

„español , seniorita”

„You understand me”


„Awesome , you are like Ratatoille”

„Seniorita ,hablo Inglés .”


„Miss , I speak english too

„This is weird shit you have here , so you speak two languages?”

„No , hablo rumano”

„..And Romanian…?Game Over , where the dictionary?”

„Miss , I speak all of them with no dictionary”

„Good.You know something? I like you , you’re the weirdest peron ever!”

„Jo, hi!”

„Shit , that’s Amy , go away ”

„But seniorita , tu eres hermosa ,cuál es su nombre?”

„I’m Joanne , now go !”

Amy was running to her .She reached to the tree Joanne was supported on and allmost greabbed Andre ‘s arm

„I tought  there was something”

„Oh this optical illusions….”

„Where are the cigaretts”

„I smoked them all …”



„Ok when you spell a word corectly it means you really mean it”

„Have noticed ”



This i ep one so I hope ou enjoy it :*

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