Smith Family | Episode 4

After 4 years |

Joanne was at the graduation party with Andrew , they were now a perfect couple , fights and fights and stuff

„Hi Jo” said Andrew coming to her and kissing her on the cheeck

„Andrew.. This is James Pondry ..Remember him?”

„Ah your ex-boyfriend. Hello James”

„What an pleasant surprize .Any news about your relationship?”

„We are planning on getting married…” said Jo with a bored voice like she was waiting for something funny or just the ocasion to leave

„How shitty is this?Everything is the same like 4 years ago”said Andrew bored too

„Oh you guys are just not happy with the luck you have.” said James and took a sip from the Martini again

„Gimme me that” said Jo and took the glass and drank it all

„She is epic”

„Oh dear God . Well atleast if I’m drunk I wouldn’t be so bored like I am now” said Jo „I think I need to goto the bathroom …Pardon”


„Hey sweetie what happend ?” Andrew asked Jo

„I just vomitted” said Jo

„You look bad , do you wanna go home?” said James and grabbed Jo’s hand „Andrew , do you mind helping me ?”

„What?Yeah sure why not ”


Jo and Andrew go to they’re house

„Home sweet home” sayis Andrew

„Unpacking bloddy unpacking” completed Jo „I need to go to the bathroom ”

„Vomiting again” said Andrew

„No I’m going to feed my magical unicorn” said Jo sarcastly

„James , wanna go to a foot ball game or some shit”

„You drunk or what?I think she is pregnant! ” said James like he was talking to a lunatic

„So what?It’s her girls meeting tonight and I would rather go to a foot ball game than hear them complain and cry about they’re husbands and ex-boyfriends”

„Yeah I would rather do that too” said James

„We should get the boys too?” asked Andrew

„Nathan , Erick , Horan?”

„No , Jennette McCurdy!” aid Andrew sarcastly

„Whatever let’s go”

„Allright then” Andrew and James leaved the house.

„Sweetie?Andrew? Andrew Smith where the fuck are you?! screamed Jpo getting ut of the bathroom with the pregnancy test she takes her phone and calls her friend Andreea

„Hey would you come over?” .

After an hour

„So you’re pregnant?What a miracole”

„Stop It Andreea” said Jo „I dont know what to do anymore we dont have room for this thing and we aren’t married”

„He’ll have to prupose NOW”

„I know right…!” said Jo to Andreea

„So how are you gonna name it?”

„If it’s a boy Dean and if it’s a girl Jamie Lillian ”

„How adorable!” said Andreea and took a sip from her tea

„It’s gonna be weird”


Hope youlike it I worked on it …


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