I think it’s time for a propper introduction.

I am a shy , extremely weird ,artistic person . My favorite shows are :  Dr House , Gilmore Girls ,Supernatural and for a good laugh sometimes I watch The Simpsons.I want to live in England or America , but my one of my biggest dream is to visit Australia . I am a tumblr lover and I really like 9gag . I like journal blogs and I want to have a journalist job or be a professional artist.My zodiacal sign is Libra because I was born on 23rd of September , my best friend is a leo and my other friend is Aquarius , even tho I also am a Taurus ‘s acquaintance . I am a friend that never insults you and never wants to annoy you. I try my best to have more friends , right now I have only 3 friends but the number will grow eventually 😉


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