Cought In The Dark : Chapter 1 : Presentation : Part 1

„I knew it all , before this event ,I always knew, you were fucking that skank ,sadly she found out you were cheating, how great that went, huh?”

„Ginnie..” his hands were pressing my face , trying hardly still pointless to explain that things were not as they seem .. I melted and believed his lies but he will never accept that sometimes I win , and he loses , on a second tought , he will always get some , he never trully loses , he just makes me jealous and knowing that I will come running back to him as fast as I can after one apology, today I felt strong , I tought I can quit being one of his puppets , that was not true , we all knew what kind of person he was , but we werew afraid to fight him, we always come back to him, if not ,  he will destroy our friendship with stupid little lies .


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