It’s such pain seeing you are wrong even tough you really support your own opinion , sadly , she always has the power to make your argument wrong .Sarcasm , one of the most used form of indirectly insulting someone , does have his own consequences .Sarcasm is a way to compliment someone even tough you think the opposite , like saying you won’t steal that strawberry in the corner of the table but you actually do it , nevermind , they won’t notice , it’s just a strawberry.Sarcasm is painful of ironic , and may give it a plus , on your „Why I Should Be Feared” list , sarcasm wins them all , here is an example „Sure , I won’t do that” „Yeah , that top looks marvelous on you” .Trying to avoid sarcasm is hard . But you’ll deal with it , after all this time , in the end , you are just not going to care.


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