Heey guyys , wut is up?

Blogging again from my home . Luv you

Reaching 90 posts !!!!!

How this happened so fcking fast??? Wouldn’t have done it without you  guys :***



Education vs. Intelligence


Really never do it, has no sense . Education is the stuff that you ;learn in school and intelligence is whole another thing , intelligence  is a person that gets it , that how can I explain aaaa  , intelligence is a way to think a clever way to think .A diffrent way , you can live without education but you cant live without intelligence , thats the rule , know what kind of people they are while meeting them I have when people hang out togheter for a week and act like they’ve known each other for forever /:)








Sorry I dinnt blog a little

I was SUPER BUSY and etc etc I luv you guys , but seriously I aint dead all this time , I said that if you wanna talk and see the latest statuses

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Random Story: Musical1

„So I heard that you got to be with Andrew” Ronnie asked

„Yeah , mmm no I’m not with with him” responsed Jamie

„So Andrew is a doll you use for fun purposes only?”

„Quite yes”

„Slut” said Ronnie looking up and started singing

Ronnie : So I heard that you guys have unlocked the imposibilities

and the unknown , cause I got no way to fall into his heart ,

you tried and this is just betwen you and me

And I never tought what this could be

And you said the truth I fell in love with jealousy

Jamie : Just betwen you and me

Ronnie: Oh you dont know , how this will go ,

I just know , that this is not under

Jamie: Under

:Ronnie: under control

Jamie : So I heard that you were with him , he knew

but wouldnt say it , you wouldnt tell them all

about your little dirty job , now let me play its my tuuurn

Ronnie : heeel to the nooo , he aint your toy I aint the girl , who

keeps on playing with and him

Jamie : This aint fair

Ronnie : Well life isnt fair!

Jamie : So what you think

Ronnie : what I thing is that you LEAVE HIM FCKING ALOOO


„War it is , then”

„If you were on fire and I had water I would drink it”

„Fair enough”