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“Hi Sammy” said someone entering the door

“Brad?!” said Sam smiling “BRAD!” ran to him and hugged her strong

“Are you okay?”

“Okie dokey, OMG I haven’t seen you like some many years “said Sam smiling and hugs him stronger

“Tell me who was the bastard…”



“I don’t know what wrong with her anymore “said Carly

“It just isn’t right, you know one day she’s fine the next day she’s avoiding people like crazy”

” Who knows maybe it’s your fault it always was “ said Carly looking at Freddie with guilt

“Okay maybe it is, maybe it really is not”

With Sam

“Sammy are you kay? I just came back in town!” a blonde girl runs over and hugs her

“Melanie!!!” runs back

“What is wrong, are you good, are you hurt?”

“I’m hurt” said Sam and gathers in a corners and starts crying

“No, this is not the old Sam, get up, and get the fuck up!”

“What?” says Sam stopping the tear to roll over her check?

“No it’s not fair, where is my Sam? Where is the tuff girl with the ‘kiss my motherfucking ass if you don’t like it’ type?”

“She’s so gone..Replaced with someone else”

“Yeah the bitch who is destroying her right now? When Dad left you were the only one who made it through , even mom was impressed of your strength and heart , no it’s not that you didn’t cared you just kept fighting , get up don’t let go! You never will you never had and nothing will stop the girl that never loses!”

“But I want to be this girl!”

“You wanna hide away from the world because of a bad moment?”

“Thank you , Melanie, I love you!”

“Love you too sis!”

Sam at Carly’s

“Sam you good that awesome “

Sam kisses Freddie on the lips for 14 seconds then  smiles “ I don’t know what happened but I never felt complete enough than this moment”



Yeeesssss finally it ends right , I’ll a few episodes than make a trailer for the blog!!! I need to get some gifs



I have a new theme like it

I have a new theme , like it?

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Seddie |poems|talks| ; NEW iCARLY RANDOM FANDOM4

“Carls!” shouted Freddie entering the room like a crazy clown

“What’s up Freddie?” said Carly smiling


“Oh my fucking gosh , you like her?!”

“Ain’t no newflash”

“You LIKED her before”

“Before the kiss , but she’s mad now , I can’t do it”

“I will be okay , it allways ends up okay” she kisses Freddie on the lips

“What the..” starts Freddie.

Sam was just standing there with a tear rolling on her check , maybe it wasan’t just an act , maybe she was ready

“Sam, Sam…SAM!” shouted Freddie

Sam came home , while crying like hell, she took the pen and started writing :

“It may not be the best dicision but I need to let go , my shit ‘s a mess , I’m rolling in the deep, it’s all my foult but i’ll pretend it’s yours , it’s quite comic that five years wasan’t enough for me but it was enough for Carly , I may get this bad I may not knw but you can’t blame a broken heart , so it ends , so i’ll let go…”

*WATCH THE GIFS , sorry they are with Demi Lovato , I could’ nt find better gifs that describe Sam’s situation











The People Who Inspire Me Marvin Gaye Lindsay…

The People Who Inspire (Me) : Marvin Gaye , Lindsay McShan (DJ BOBO CREW AND PART OF THE BACKING-UP VOCALS) , Albert Einstein , My Mom , My Sister , Diana (Dee, my friend) and somepeople I WILL MEET and I will inspire someone one day


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Seddie |poems|talks| ; NEW iCARLY RANDOM FANDOM3

Wow ! I never tought I’d do this  story so far , I think I’m gonna delete it after at least 24 chapters , hope ya like it , avoiding playing sims 3 : )I’ll put some quatations from „iLost My Mind” promo


At Sam’s house :

„Can we talk about the kiss” said Freddie there


„Nevermind” said Freddie fast so he can avoid

„No , no , no , what?”

„If we could talk about the kiss?”

„I’m about to kick you so hard even your theet will bleed!”

„Ok…I knew that was the reaction”


„Meaning?Puuf , there alot” said Freddie

„I’m not the same , it’s like a thing that happend to me again and , your like the first time I wasan’t afraid but now , well I don’t see the meaning of kissing again …” said Sam dramatic


„I’M TIRED OF HIDING ! I’m the love of your life masquerading as your bully” as Sam sais with hate in her voice , but not just hate , she doesen’t  hate him he hates the way he told him

„Your more than that” whispered Freddie

„What is it?” said Sam

„It must have been love ,the kiss”

„Would you kiss me”

„Ok…” they kiss

It all starts with a Jea and continues with lousy

I think I’m lost , who I am?I took me alot to understand my crying starts to actually have a reason , ignoring it’s like them medicine part whenI took too much pils and end up in the hospital and it hurts so bad he/she dosen’t give a fuck it’s just tho beginning .People who tought you’d love , turn out to be some mindless bitchies who don’t even care you are in a coma or worse  this is the part of the story when you feel like killing yourself , look back in the moments you smiled and realize  there is so much happines in that person , where did she go? Is he near , yeah I know the feeling , he’s there enjoying the time she/he has sleeped with the half of the boys/girls in the country or maybe town , no love story , just to fill you up , that’s what I call human being

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